Rémi Bonnet

Software engineer creating cutting edge experiences with snappy interfaces.

Working at Qovery a product that helps developers to deploy their applications in just a few seconds.
I previously have worked, for 4 years, at Source a group of designers & technologists with a mission to make corporate and startups more capable through state of the art digital solutions.

More about me

Spending my time crafting things on the web, I'm in love with modern front-end technologies. I build apps with Javascript using Typescript and having some experience with different Framework but my favorite stack remains React to create complex features and Gatsby to craft static websites.

Beyond development, I attach importance to design, like to do beautiful things, and sometimes, craft web interfaces myself. Consistency is very important to me, I think this quality is necessary to be a strong developer which is why I am a fan of well-made and scalable Design Systems.


Alright, you can get in touch via Linkedin , Twitter or Github, feel free to send me a message.